What StreetSmart is. (And isn’t.)

First, we’re not what many people consider “typical” consultants.


StreetSmart is much more hands-on – and practical – than lofty, over-priced consultants. We get dirt under our fingernails.


Yes, we offer many of the strategic marketing services you might seek from a consultant. Advertising. Customer Relationship Management. Business Development. Sales Training. Performance Audits. But we offer you something more substantial. At a grassroots level.


At StreetSmart, we provide proven, practical business development techniques based on more than 30 years of experience both in consumer and B2B environments.


We are mentors. Confidants. Pathfinders. And facilitators, with one goal for your business: Expand (and protect) your revenue base.


Did someone say “results”?

StreetSmart strategies and techniques have generated over $60 million in new sales and $100 million in recurring business for a wide range of companies, including consumer, retail, B2B and professional services.  We can do it for you. With a blend of traditional and strategic marketing and sales skills gleaned from working with companies of every size.



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